The Kingston Clan 

The Largest Sex Crime Organization in the United States of America



How are they racist? Can it be proven?


1. Racism is rampant and able to be proven by dozens of witness statements, which can be provided in written form, or orally by current and ex-members of “The Order.”

Indoctrination of the white race being the superior race, teaching children racial slurs, hatred, and contempt of black people is not only common, but also organized to be taught in meetings and in their schools. Including the teaching of Armageddon arriving due to our current president being black.


A direct quote: “They all deserve to die and go directly to hell because they are niggers.”- David O. Kingston


2.  Social media is a proof and indication of “Order” member’s racism. Which include posts, comments and messages of hatred and racism. Links to member’s posts, comments and messages can be provided.


3.  It is a prominent and important doctrine in their very own “scripture,” and teachings, of white superiority and “pureness” of the white race. It is taught that ALL black and non-white people will NOT be saved by “Christ,” and will not go to heaven and are damned to hell; that they are the people of Satan. We can provide reference and citations to all these scriptures, doctrines and teachings.