The Kingston Clan 

The Largest Sex Crime Organization in the United States of America

Paul Elden Kingston's Married Sons


All Last Names Are Entirely Fabricated, 

Most Have The Last Name KINGSTON, But Make-Up Another to Cover Up Incest



IMPORTANT- All Marriages are 3rd Generation Incest of Half-Brother, Cousins and Uncles



Patty Kingston's Sons and Their Wives

Joshua Kingston Robert Kingston Matthew Kingston Elden Kingston Joseph Kingston Michael Kingston
Julie R. Kingston Holly (Johnson) Kingston Deborah Kingston Hannah (Larsen) Kingston Jamie (Cannon) Kingston Jackie Kingston
Mikel Stone   Joy Palmer   Evelyn Mason   Heather Brown Dawn Hayden   Kelly Isaascon  
Mikel Lane   Savanna Covington Mary Carlisle   Carol Kelson   Julie Johnson   Jean Mathenson
Stephanie Grow Valate Paulson Cindy Moyer   Eliabeth Taylor Jennifer Hardy   Andrea Michaels
Kristeen Chase   Maryann Stone Haylie Conners     Kim Jenkins      
Amy Dunn   Bonnie Whitmill Jessica Jenkins              
Ardous Kendrick     Jewel Stone   Jared Kingston David Kingston Adam Kingston
Mary Kohls       Hannah Rivers   Elizabeth (Johnson) Kingston Joy (Andrews) Kingston Laura (Johnson) Kingston
Valerie Martin     Ladonna Hamilton Jessica Isaacson Emily Lancaster Annie Jenkins  
Lisa Linclon       Sharon Grow   Katherine Freeman Laura Isaacson      
Brittany Crandall     Connie Stowell Caroline Martin Mary Kingston   Jason Kingston
Abbie Grow       Katherine Young     Andrea Nichols Jessica Kingston
        Katherine Johnson     Deanna Jacobs   Lily Jacobs  
        Cheryl Newman            


Dorothy Sander's Sons and Their Wives

Luke Sanders Paul Sanders   Nathan Sanders
Kelsy (Jenkins) Sanders Rachael (Hansen) Sanders Jacqueline (Hardy) Sanders
Carrie Ann Smith        


Anna Gardner's Sons and Their Wives

Aaron Gardner Joshua Gardner   Jonathan Gardner
Jessica (Ashton) Gardner Jenna (Newman) Gardner Corrine (Gustafson) Gardner


Deborah William's Sons and Their Wives

John Williams  Samuel Williams
Cynthia (Hull) Williams Barbara (Hull) Williams


Leslie Miller's Sons and Their Wives

Steven Miller Michael Miller   Aaron Miller Andrew Miller Matt Miller Kent Miller
Dorothy (Larsen) Miller Rachel (Isaacson) Miller Tiffany (Stoddard) Miller Desiree (Stoddard) Miller Cherylin (Johnson) Miller Josie (Jenkins) Miller
Stephanie Evens Rebecca Lucas                  
Taylor Jenkins   Katie Jenkins                  
    Autumn Stoddard                


Wendy Parker's Son and His Wife

Christopher Parker
Coral (Kingston) Parker


Julie Thomas's Son and His Wife

John Thomas
Kimberly (Scott) Thomas
Amanda Smith  


Grace Mitchell's Son and His Wives

Andrew Mitchell
Maryann (Johnson) Mitchell
Pamela Bryant  
Angelina Porter
Katherine Kingston
Ruth Johnson  
Helen Andrews
Beverly Huntington


Richaun Knight's Son and Their Wives

Richard Knight Jacob Knight
Erin (Peterson) Knight Maggie (Peterson) Knight
Sarah Brown    


Cynthia Austin's Son and Their Wives

Richard Austin Elden Austin  
Nicole (Mckay) Austin Julia (Peterson) Austin (Left and no longer married to Elden Austin)