The Kingston Clan 

The Largest Sex Crime Organization in the United States of America

Corrupt Utah Attorney General SEAN REYES bribed by Kingstons for $50,000




This is a previous article that was posted before the Federal raids on Kingston Group businesses for tax fraud, including its largest of their businesses, Washakie Renewable Energy. 



Attorney General Sean Reyes of Utah received a cash donation in the amount of over $50,000 from the largest of the Kingston group’s businesses, Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE.) The blatant corruption from the Attorney General that claims to be ‘anti-polygamy,’ and claims to fight the abuses and sex crimes polygamy produces is ridiculous.


How this is happening? That the Attorney General of Utah received the largest of all of his donations as a cash donation from Organized Crime is despicable. This is shocking and extremely unacceptable to say the least. 



Corruption at its Finest

AG Sean Reyes Received $50,000 from 

​the Kingston Clan 





EVERYONE knows of the Kingston’s organized crime group and all of the blatant sexual crimes that exist within its organization and


EVERYONE knows that Washakie Renewable Energy is owned by them. The owner of the business is Jacob Kingston. I don’t know how much clearer it can get when the last name Kingston is attached to the donation. 

Owner of criminal business WRE, Jacob Kingston





The payments were made in 4 separate transactions:



Jacob/Sally Kingston

802 North 300 East, Tremonton, UT 84337





Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC

3900 S. 679 E., Ste 300, Salt Lake Ctiy, UT 84107





Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC

P.O. Box 192, Plymouth, UT 84330






Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC

P.O. Box 192, Plymouth, UT 84330







Total= $50,985.21







The only explanation is that Sean Reyes is either corrupt or incompetent. So we ask you Sean, which one is it? 


It is time for the federal government to start taking notice. I hope you are reading this “Attorney General” Sean Reyes. We are coming after your corrupt office as well as the hierarchy of the Kingston Clan and we cannot wait for you to go to jail for your blatant corruption. Just like the two Utah Attorney Generals before you…


It is no wonder that “The Order” has continued to not only exist, but thrive in the state of Utah for so long. All the political officials and heads of law enforcement offices are continually being paid off by them. The state of Utah has now become a corrupt state and federal intervention is critically needed.


Utah Politicians, Including the GOVERNOR Paid by the Kingston Clan and Their Businesses


Federal Agents Raid Kingston's Businesses- Corrupt AG Sean Reyes UPDATE:



After Federal Agents raided Washakie Renewable Energy for its many felony federal crimes of tax fraud, Attorney General of Utah, Sean Reyes put the amount of money that was given to him from WRE in an escrow account and claimed that his office will keep it there until they receive further direction from Federal officials. 


Well, it’s too late now to save face Sean, you should have never accepted $50,000 from the Organized Crime group that you have helped grow and commit crimes. 


Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes Who Received Payments from the Owner of WRE Jacob Kingston





Witnesses have seen Sean Reyes being great buddies with the owner of WRE, Jacob Kingston; who is one of the Kingston Clan’s criminal leaders, and the eldest son of pedophile and Patriarch of the Kingston Clan, Daniel Kingston.



Below is the video of a testimony of one seeing Sean Reyes together with Jacob Kingston. 













Paul Kingston’s own 18-year old son died Wednesday night in a motorcycle accident.



​See the news story here or watch the video below:


My prediction of this becoming an epidemic is now very true. 



I have stated many times before that Paul Kingston does not order his members to use child restraints, and use child car seats because of the cost it would put on him with the purchase of more cars, bigger cars and child car seats.



He also controls what the members can buy, and what they can't buy and he does not provide the means for these families to buy these things because he personally holds everyone's money.  



The other side of the coin with this epidemic is that Paul Kingston teaches his members that they have complete invincibility, and that God will protect them no matter what happens as long as they are living righteous.



These are direct teachings from Paul Kingston. See the video below for former Order members, including Emily Tucker’s witnessing of these teachings.



This allows his members to not obey the law with any motor vehicle safety measures because "Paul said I am protected."



Now, Paul Kingston and his devout followers would all argue that every adult has there own responsibility to implement these safety measures.



This would all be true if they were regular people that were not part of a controlling cult and that would obey Paul Kingston's every word. 



Paul Kingston will even order his followers to do things as small as what to say in certain situations around “Outsiders.”



And guess what? 100% of them obey. If he told every member to have child restraints or in his son’s case, wear a helmet. Guess what would happen? 100% of them would obey.



So all of this death is on Paul Kingston’s hands because of his willing negligence.



And probably the saddest part of this resulting tragedy besides death, is that Paul will tell his members that his 18-year old son died because he was not living righteous enough. It's sickening. 



So now I am going to speak to you directly Paul. 


Tell your members to use every child restraint needed and every safety measure required by law! 



Cough up a couple million dollars of your billion dollar worth, and buy these car seats, bigger cars and helmets for them or allow them to buy these things. 



Your dead son would have appreciated that.



I can only imagine how much shame you must now feel knowing that your son Caleb is DEAD, and only a few months before that, your 3-year old grand daughter was also killed.



And let’s not forget a couple months before that, your OTHER son was in critical condition because of no restraint and where another 12 year old Kingston Clan child was also killed. The Salt Lake Tribune has now reported on this series of tragedies. 



You have so much blood on your hands that you should not be surprised if law enforcement detectives will be bringing you in for questioning very soon.



Wow, you are a despicable human being, but do this for the children’s sake. 




I was helping expose this horrible issue back when Paul Kingston’s 3-year old granddaughter was killed last September, 2015. You can see the original news story here


Now, 3-year old Paisley Hayden’s mother, and who is also the niece of Paul Kingston is being charged with negligent homicide of her 3-year old daughter and the grandchild of the leader Paul Kingston. 



Top right is Carolyn Dawn Kingston “Hughes” “Hayden."

She goes by Dawn in The Order. She is charged with negligent homicide.

She is Paul Kingston's niece. And is married to his son Joe Kingston who is

holding Paisley Hayden.

There are thousands of children’s lives at stake that Paul Kingston could stop immediately, I’ll explain why: 


There is willful negligence on the part of Paul Kingston because he is looking at the numbers financially. You see, money is more important to the leaders of The Order than anything else.


They look at everything else as replaceable, including children. That is the mindset Paul Kington instills in all of the "Numbered Men."


To not spend his wealth, he does NOT advise his 10,000 plus followers to use child restraints while they are in the car. (More money for cars, bigger cars, car seats, etc.)


This would add up to several million dollars a year when you include extra vehicles. 

Here is a quick run down:

- 10,000 plus members


- Around 700 families


- About 70% of these members are under the age of 10


- About 12 children per family


- Putting every child in a car seat (8 children) per family= $672,000. This does not include the cost of an extra car it would cost to fill with them




Joe Kingston with all of his "wives." He is the son of 

Paul Kingston who is worth over a billion dollars.

Top right is Carolyn Dawn Kingston "Hughes" "Hayden."





Now Paul always administers A LOT of control. For example, telling everyone what to eat, and not to eat, what to answer Outsiders with certain questions, how to discipline children, etc.



So it's obvious how intentional his neglect is on this subject.



You can read the news story here or watch the video below on the testimonies of former Order members.



"We never wore seat belts," she said, remembering once when "we fit seven or eight kids in a little Toyota Corolla car."

Sometimes, the former member said, "we would have them in the trunk."


So Paul Kingston would rather not spend that money and risk the lives of the children. And now his granddaughter is DEAD because of it. 



He also has the unmitigated gall to advise for a Fund Me Account to earn more money from the tragedy:


Fund me account for Paisley Hayden:

Has gained over $7,000.



History of death:


Back in June 2015, Paul Kingston's own 12 year son Abraham Sessions (fake last name) was involved in a fatal car accident where he was in critical condition, and where Kingston Clan 12 year old Easton Taylor was also killed. He was the son of "Numbered Man" Brad Jenkins. None of the 6 child occupants were wearing restraints. 



See the news story below:


As you can see, there is a severe pattern here where if not stopped can result in many more deaths of young innocent children.


Abraham Sessions

(son of Paul Kingston and 1 of 27 wives, Melanie Sessions) 

is in the bottom left wearing a black shirt.










Susan "Nelson" Kingston, sister and one of Daniel Kinston's 14 wives. Yes, you read that correctly, sister AND wife, has now filed a lawsuit against RIVR Media and A&E for the production of the TV show Escaping Polygamy.



(It is 3rd Degree Felony Incest having children with Daniel Kingston and she can very easily be arrested by just stepping into a court room.) 



Of course like all Kingstons do, the lawsuit is filled with inaccuracies, fabrications and blatant lies revolved around the circumstances of Melanie Nelson's escape. She is the daughter of Susan Nelson and known pedophile Daniel Kingston. (The Patriarch of The Order.)


                                                                                                                                         Pictured below:


Read the full article about the lawsuit here.


These Order leaders are clueless, do they really feel like filing lawsuits against the TV show Escaping Polygamy in retaliation is going to do any good?



All it does is provide more ammunition to their public exposure, even more evidence of their illegal lives, and creates more enemies/people that are aware of The Order, that will come right back at Paul Kingston and The Order with force and much more evidence. 



The Order really thinks that petty lawsuits scare “Outsiders.” 



So, I know you read this Paul Kingston, go ahead and keep wasting your money with idiotic lawsuits. 



Outsiders now know of yours and The Order’s MO; that this lawsuit does not come from Susan “Nelson,” but is directed by you and comes from The Order as a whole.



Like I have said a dozen times before, you are not very bright and it shows! You need to realize that the Kingstons and The Order are public enemy number 1 now. But I digress.



Susan “Nelson” is using some no-name, non-Order member attorney named Dan Baczynski to try and throw off connections. 



Pictured below:





Dan Baczynski, the attorney for Nelson, said on Tuesday that the daughter, who was a young adult at the time, was pressured into leaving her family. 



"This is a young girl. They tell her she has the opportunity to be on TV," Baczynski said. "What young girl wouldn't say yes to that?"



Answer: Well, maybe you should actually think Dan, because she was being forced to marry her cousin and was dealing with an extremely abusive situation!



A TV show was her way out, and how grateful we should all be and applaud the people that are actually doing something to help these victims. Unlike you, you are the scum of this earth and represent the worst kind of criminal. You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you were promised some child bride to satisfy your pedophile urges. You definitely look like one.



Either way, I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into and you will go down with the rest of them. 



Just a bunch of scam artists

There seems to be a misconception that I want to clarify.


The leaders of the Kingston Clan are not good at business. The reason they have many businesses and gain millions of dollars is because they are expert scam artists. They have become very good at scamming "Outsiders" within the business industry for money. Paul Kingston and his group of "Numbered Men" are inherently taught to cheat, lie, steal and scam in any way they can to gain money.


This does not make you successful, it just makes you a low-life criminal...


This on top of the fact that they exploit their criminal actions through their massive child labor work force of hundreds of children born through incest makes it that much more repulsive.


Paul Kingston and his leadership has proven to have a very low intelligence from the many mistakes that are now being seen to the public. It's no wonder they have the religious dogma that they do. Very idiotic beliefs from very idiotic individuals. They are going to get eaten alive in prison.

Stop Paul Kingston


Incest: Why are victims being created?

  1. Proof of Kingston Incest Below:
  2. The reason that incest is a 3rd degree felony in the U.S. is fundamentally because the children born in that situation are victims.
  4. They are victims because incestuous relationships will cause mental or physical defects in the offspring.
  6. Why is it that the state of Utah continues to condone this felony criminal behavior within the Kingston Clan; behind the mask of religion? Simple Answer: Corruption. That is the primary reason.
  8. The Kingston Clan has created more victims from this action than any other in history. Let's make sure it happens no more. Tell people to sign the petition and we can make a difference soon... 
  10. Convicted FELON (for incest) David Kingston with his sister Kathy "Jacobs" Kingston.
  11. Convicted FELON (for incest) David Kingston with his sister Maryann "Isaacson" Kingston.






Corrupt Attorney: Kingston's try to silence abuse of children..

The Order and their corrupt attorney Mark Hansen attempted to take down the Kingston Clan website that is exposing their abuse, by using idiotic copyright laws. See below... Of course that doesn't work. The Internet always favors the freedom of information and The Kingston's exposure WILL ALWAYS be available to the public.


I ask all supporters to share how member of The Order and attorney Mark Hansen attempted to silence the Kingston's abuse on your social media.


The link is found below. We live in an age where nothing immoral and criminal is hidden. Let's make sure to expose this and help the victims of the Kingston Clan.


Click below and help now! 

See Below:

Measly attempts from criminal, inferior humans. (Kingston Clan leaders.)