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Susan "Nelson" Kingston, sister and one of Daniel Kinston's 14 wives. Yes, you read that correctly, sister AND wife, has now filed a lawsuit against RIVR Media and A&E for the production of the TV show Escaping Polygamy.



(It is 3rd Degree Felony Incest having children with Daniel Kingston and she can very easily be arrested by just stepping into a court room.) 



Of course like all Kingstons do, the lawsuit is filled with inaccuracies, fabrications and blatant lies revolved around the circumstances of Melanie Nelson's escape. She is the daughter of Susan Nelson and known pedophile Daniel Kingston. (The Patriarch of The Order.)


                                                                                                                                         Pictured below:


Read the full article about the lawsuit here.


These Order leaders are clueless, do they really feel like filing lawsuits against the TV show Escaping Polygamy in retaliation is going to do any good?



All it does is provide more ammunition to their public exposure, even more evidence of their illegal lives, and creates more enemies/people that are aware of The Order, that will come right back at Paul Kingston and The Order with force and much more evidence. 



The Order really thinks that petty lawsuits scare “Outsiders.” 



So, I know you read this Paul Kingston, go ahead and keep wasting your money with idiotic lawsuits. 



Outsiders now know of yours and The Order’s MO; that this lawsuit does not come from Susan “Nelson,” but is directed by you and comes from The Order as a whole.



Like I have said a dozen times before, you are not very bright and it shows! You need to realize that the Kingstons and The Order are public enemy number 1 now. But I digress.



Susan “Nelson” is using some no-name, non-Order member attorney named Dan Baczynski to try and throw off connections. 



Pictured below:





Dan Baczynski, the attorney for Nelson, said on Tuesday that the daughter, who was a young adult at the time, was pressured into leaving her family. 



"This is a young girl. They tell her she has the opportunity to be on TV," Baczynski said. "What young girl wouldn't say yes to that?"



Answer: Well, maybe you should actually think Dan, because she was being forced to marry her cousin and was dealing with an extremely abusive situation!



A TV show was her way out, and how grateful we should all be and applaud the people that are actually doing something to help these victims. Unlike you, you are the scum of this earth and represent the worst kind of criminal. You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you were promised some child bride to satisfy your pedophile urges. You definitely look like one.



Either way, I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into and you will go down with the rest of them. 



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