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Just a bunch of scam artists

There seems to be a misconception that I want to clarify.


The leaders of the Kingston Clan are not good at business. The reason they have many businesses and gain millions of dollars is because they are expert scam artists. They have become very good at scamming "Outsiders" within the business industry for money. Paul Kingston and his group of "Numbered Men" are inherently taught to cheat, lie, steal and scam in any way they can to gain money.


This does not make you successful, it just makes you a low-life criminal...


This on top of the fact that they exploit their criminal actions through their massive child labor work force of hundreds of children born through incest makes it that much more repulsive.


Paul Kingston and his leadership has proven to have a very low intelligence from the many mistakes that are now being seen to the public. It's no wonder they have the religious dogma that they do. Very idiotic beliefs from very idiotic individuals. They are going to get eaten alive in prison.

Stop Paul Kingston


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