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Incest: Why are victims being created?

  1. Proof of Kingston Incest Below:
  2. The reason that incest is a 3rd degree felony in the U.S. is fundamentally because the children born in that situation are victims.
  4. They are victims because incestuous relationships will cause mental or physical defects in the offspring.
  6. Why is it that the state of Utah continues to condone this felony criminal behavior within the Kingston Clan; behind the mask of religion? Simple Answer: Corruption. That is the primary reason.
  8. The Kingston Clan has created more victims from this action than any other in history. Let's make sure it happens no more. Tell people to sign the petition and we can make a difference soon... 
  10. Convicted FELON (for incest) David Kingston with his sister Kathy "Jacobs" Kingston.
  11. Convicted FELON (for incest) David Kingston with his sister Maryann "Isaacson" Kingston.






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