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Federal Agents Raid Kingston's Businesses- Corrupt AG Sean Reyes UPDATE:



After Federal Agents raided Washakie Renewable Energy for its many felony federal crimes of tax fraud, Attorney General of Utah, Sean Reyes put the amount of money that was given to him from WRE in an escrow account and claimed that his office will keep it there until they receive further direction from Federal officials. 


Well, it’s too late now to save face Sean, you should have never accepted $50,000 from the Organized Crime group that you have helped grow and commit crimes. 


Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes Who Received Payments from the Owner of WRE Jacob Kingston





Witnesses have seen Sean Reyes being great buddies with the owner of WRE, Jacob Kingston; who is one of the Kingston Clan’s criminal leaders, and the eldest son of pedophile and Patriarch of the Kingston Clan, Daniel Kingston.



Below is the video of a testimony of one seeing Sean Reyes together with Jacob Kingston. 










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