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Corrupt Utah Attorney General SEAN REYES bribed by Kingstons for $50,000




This is a previous article that was posted before the Federal raids on Kingston Group businesses for tax fraud, including its largest of their businesses, Washakie Renewable Energy. 



Attorney General Sean Reyes of Utah received a cash donation in the amount of over $50,000 from the largest of the Kingston group’s businesses, Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE.) The blatant corruption from the Attorney General that claims to be ‘anti-polygamy,’ and claims to fight the abuses and sex crimes polygamy produces is ridiculous.


How this is happening? That the Attorney General of Utah received the largest of all of his donations as a cash donation from Organized Crime is despicable. This is shocking and extremely unacceptable to say the least. 



Corruption at its Finest

AG Sean Reyes Received $50,000 from 

‚Äčthe Kingston Clan 





EVERYONE knows of the Kingston’s organized crime group and all of the blatant sexual crimes that exist within its organization and


EVERYONE knows that Washakie Renewable Energy is owned by them. The owner of the business is Jacob Kingston. I don’t know how much clearer it can get when the last name Kingston is attached to the donation. 

Owner of criminal business WRE, Jacob Kingston





The payments were made in 4 separate transactions:



Jacob/Sally Kingston

802 North 300 East, Tremonton, UT 84337





Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC

3900 S. 679 E., Ste 300, Salt Lake Ctiy, UT 84107





Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC

P.O. Box 192, Plymouth, UT 84330






Washakie Renewable Energy, LLC

P.O. Box 192, Plymouth, UT 84330







Total= $50,985.21







The only explanation is that Sean Reyes is either corrupt or incompetent. So we ask you Sean, which one is it? 


It is time for the federal government to start taking notice. I hope you are reading this “Attorney General” Sean Reyes. We are coming after your corrupt office as well as the hierarchy of the Kingston Clan and we cannot wait for you to go to jail for your blatant corruption. Just like the two Utah Attorney Generals before you…


It is no wonder that “The Order” has continued to not only exist, but thrive in the state of Utah for so long. All the political officials and heads of law enforcement offices are continually being paid off by them. The state of Utah has now become a corrupt state and federal intervention is critically needed.


Utah Politicians, Including the GOVERNOR Paid by the Kingston Clan and Their Businesses


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