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I was helping expose this horrible issue back when Paul Kingston’s 3-year old granddaughter was killed last September, 2015. You can see the original news story here


Now, 3-year old Paisley Hayden’s mother, and who is also the niece of Paul Kingston is being charged with negligent homicide of her 3-year old daughter and the grandchild of the leader Paul Kingston. 



Top right is Carolyn Dawn Kingston “Hughes” “Hayden."

She goes by Dawn in The Order. She is charged with negligent homicide.

She is Paul Kingston's niece. And is married to his son Joe Kingston who is

holding Paisley Hayden.

There are thousands of children’s lives at stake that Paul Kingston could stop immediately, I’ll explain why: 


There is willful negligence on the part of Paul Kingston because he is looking at the numbers financially. You see, money is more important to the leaders of The Order than anything else.


They look at everything else as replaceable, including children. That is the mindset Paul Kington instills in all of the "Numbered Men."


To not spend his wealth, he does NOT advise his 10,000 plus followers to use child restraints while they are in the car. (More money for cars, bigger cars, car seats, etc.)


This would add up to several million dollars a year when you include extra vehicles. 

Here is a quick run down:

- 10,000 plus members


- Around 700 families


- About 70% of these members are under the age of 10


- About 12 children per family


- Putting every child in a car seat (8 children) per family= $672,000. This does not include the cost of an extra car it would cost to fill with them




Joe Kingston with all of his "wives." He is the son of 

Paul Kingston who is worth over a billion dollars.

Top right is Carolyn Dawn Kingston "Hughes" "Hayden."





Now Paul always administers A LOT of control. For example, telling everyone what to eat, and not to eat, what to answer Outsiders with certain questions, how to discipline children, etc.



So it's obvious how intentional his neglect is on this subject.



You can read the news story here or watch the video below on the testimonies of former Order members.



"We never wore seat belts," she said, remembering once when "we fit seven or eight kids in a little Toyota Corolla car."

Sometimes, the former member said, "we would have them in the trunk."


So Paul Kingston would rather not spend that money and risk the lives of the children. And now his granddaughter is DEAD because of it. 



He also has the unmitigated gall to advise for a Fund Me Account to earn more money from the tragedy:


Fund me account for Paisley Hayden:

Has gained over $7,000.



History of death:


Back in June 2015, Paul Kingston's own 12 year son Abraham Sessions (fake last name) was involved in a fatal car accident where he was in critical condition, and where Kingston Clan 12 year old Easton Taylor was also killed. He was the son of "Numbered Man" Brad Jenkins. None of the 6 child occupants were wearing restraints. 



See the news story below:


As you can see, there is a severe pattern here where if not stopped can result in many more deaths of young innocent children.


Abraham Sessions

(son of Paul Kingston and 1 of 27 wives, Melanie Sessions) 

is in the bottom left wearing a black shirt.









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