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Paul Kingston’s own 18-year old son died Wednesday night in a motorcycle accident.



​See the news story here or watch the video below:


My prediction of this becoming an epidemic is now very true. 



I have stated many times before that Paul Kingston does not order his members to use child restraints, and use child car seats because of the cost it would put on him with the purchase of more cars, bigger cars and child car seats.



He also controls what the members can buy, and what they can't buy and he does not provide the means for these families to buy these things because he personally holds everyone's money.  



The other side of the coin with this epidemic is that Paul Kingston teaches his members that they have complete invincibility, and that God will protect them no matter what happens as long as they are living righteous.



These are direct teachings from Paul Kingston. See the video below for former Order members, including Emily Tucker’s witnessing of these teachings.



This allows his members to not obey the law with any motor vehicle safety measures because "Paul said I am protected."



Now, Paul Kingston and his devout followers would all argue that every adult has there own responsibility to implement these safety measures.



This would all be true if they were regular people that were not part of a controlling cult and that would obey Paul Kingston's every word. 



Paul Kingston will even order his followers to do things as small as what to say in certain situations around “Outsiders.”



And guess what? 100% of them obey. If he told every member to have child restraints or in his son’s case, wear a helmet. Guess what would happen? 100% of them would obey.



So all of this death is on Paul Kingston’s hands because of his willing negligence.



And probably the saddest part of this resulting tragedy besides death, is that Paul will tell his members that his 18-year old son died because he was not living righteous enough. It's sickening. 



So now I am going to speak to you directly Paul. 


Tell your members to use every child restraint needed and every safety measure required by law! 



Cough up a couple million dollars of your billion dollar worth, and buy these car seats, bigger cars and helmets for them or allow them to buy these things. 



Your dead son would have appreciated that.



I can only imagine how much shame you must now feel knowing that your son Caleb is DEAD, and only a few months before that, your 3-year old grand daughter was also killed.



And let’s not forget a couple months before that, your OTHER son was in critical condition because of no restraint and where another 12 year old Kingston Clan child was also killed. The Salt Lake Tribune has now reported on this series of tragedies. 



You have so much blood on your hands that you should not be surprised if law enforcement detectives will be bringing you in for questioning very soon.



Wow, you are a despicable human being, but do this for the children’s sake. 



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