The Kingston Clan 

The Largest Sex Crime Organization in the United States of America

David Ortell Kingston's Married Sons


All Last Names Are Entirely Fabricated, 

Most Have The Last Name KINGSTON, But Make-Up Another to Cover Up Incest


IMPORTANT- All Marriages are 3rd Generation Incest of Half-Brother, Cousins and Uncles

Sharlie Kingston's Sons and Their Wives David Allen Kingston   Seth Kingston              
    Dorothy (Thomas) Kingston   Mary (Williams) Kingston              
Maryann Isaacson's sons and Their Wives


Jacob Isaacson



John Isaacson



Mathew Isaacson

    Carol (Fuller) Isaacson   Elizabeth (Mitchell) Isaacson   Jessica (Mckay) Isaacson        
Carlene  Cannon's sons and Their Wives Paul Cannon   Michael Cannon   Elden Cannon   Jared Cannon  
    Alison (Wright) Cannon   Kathrine (Larsen) Cannon   Autum (Kennington) Cannon   Lindsey (Miller) Cannon  
    Rebekah Crossley                    
    Ashley Austin                      
Kimberly  Winter's sons and Their Wives Andrew Winters                    
    Melissa (Sommers) Winters                    
Bethany Jones' sons and Their Wives Ken Jones   Jason Jones              
    Dawn (Larson) Jones   Christine (Whitaker) Jones              
Michelle Knighton's sons and Their Wives Ammon Knighton                    
    Rachel (Hull) Knighton                    
Lisa Harrison's sons and Their Wives  William Harrison                    
    Rose (Young) Harrison                    
Lisa Mckenzie's sons and Their Wives  Shawn Mckenzie                    
    Isabelle (Newman) Mckenzie