The Kingston Clan 

The Largest Sex Crime Organization in the United States of America



"The Order" is an extremely prevalent, arrogant, secret, and illegal organization. 

1. Prevalence - Over 250 businesses. An estimated $950 million in net worth. Extremely influential and have corrupted the state of Utah. There are about 10,500 members. 

2. Arrogance - Only people from The Order will go to heaven. (You can only be born into The Order.) The Kingston blood is direct descendance of Jesus Christ. 

    •    RACISM: They are a superior white race and all non-white people are damned to hell.

    •    HOMOPHOBIA: All homosexuals are sinning, lying about being gay, and will also go to hell.

    •    ALL PEOPLE outside of The Order are lesser human beings. 

3. Secrecy - No one even knows this exists. It has remained underground with very little accountability, responsibility, or exposure. 

4. Illegality - Physical / sexual abuse. It is rampant with molestation and rape. Incest and pedophilia. 



The Major Crimes that are Being Performed Continually within this Organization:

  • Sexual abuse and misconduct: (Rape, sexual molestation, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, pedophilia and incest.)


  • Underage marriage, child marriage and forced marriage.


  • Human sex trafficking.


  • Physical abuse and emotional abuse.


  • Medical neglect and educational neglect.


  • Child labor.


All of these crimes are due to the environment polygamy fosters, and the gender inequality it promotes.


          David and Daniel Kingston have already served prison terms because of these things, and David Kingston has just been released from parole and court restrictions, but continues to exploit these behaviors now and more so than ever. (This site will most likely post the specific crimes, and people involved, once the proper legal action against the perpetrators takes place.)


           Incest, which is being performed continually within the organization. Is one of the crimes which is a 3rd degree felony can be easily proven with the person’s names, photographs, etc. This website will post the most egregious relationships (such as brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces) within The Order. An interesting fact is that the Kingston Clan's leaders perform blood tests on all its members annually, to see which matches, and marriages would result best.