The Kingston Clan 

The Largest Sex Crime Organization in the United States of America

Change that NEEDS to Happen and What You Can Do

The Kingston Clan is an underground BILLION dollar criminal organization with over 10,000 members that has corrupted a whole U.S. state, and has paid off the Governor, Attorney General and high ranking political/public officials into turning a blind eye. They are known among themselves as The Order. 

Now imagine growing up a young girl in this organization with seemingly powerful male authority figures, including your own father, forcing you into sexual acts so that you won’t go to HELL. 

Imagine those things include the most despicable sexual acts that exist. And having to allow your uncles, brothers and even fathers sexually molest and rape you continually. Now multiply the fact that your mother and whole family agrees with all of it and tells you that if you do otherwise, you are “Dead to them.” 

Mary Ann Kingston beat to unconsciousness by her

father Daniel Kingston and 

forced her to have sex with her uncle David Kingston. News story here.


These are the exact circumstances that Rachel Robinson Kingston, (daughter of Daniel Kingston) who created a suicide pact with her sisters, and later hung herself at only 13 years old because she saw no other way out and what thousands of other young women experience on a daily basis within The Kingston Clan, also known as “The Order.”

This form of slavery and abuse is being done by the largest and most powerful polygamist group in the country known as the Kingstons.

We thought the FLDS was bad, but only because we have not seen the evil that exists within this group; since it has been able to remain underground because it is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and is able to corrupt Utah government officials into turning a blind eye.

Almost seems like an alternate reality right?

Well this is all true, real and is still happening more than ever. 

Daniel Kingston only served 6 months in jail for the beating

of her daughter (pictured below)

It is up to the brave women and young men who have left this group, like those whose stories are told in the series Escaping Polygamy on LMN, and A&E to tell these evils to the public and good citizens of the world. So that we can make a CHANGE.

Rachel Robinson Kingston and thousands of other young women would not be suffering this abuse if there had been a stop to this already. How is it that the state of Utah, let alone the federal government not investigate these heinous acts? Corruption is why. The Attorney General of Utah was paid off. See here

If there isn’t a change, more lives are a stake, more suffering and abuse will continue to happen. But if this change happens, these women will finally be freed.

It is up to us and YOU to make a difference and force the authorities to act. Sign the petition and we will move forward with changing the world for the better!

Sign and stop this now!

"Numbered Men"

"Numbered Men" in The Order are the hierarchy of The Order. They are aware of illegal activities pertaining to The Order and do nothing, so therefore are complicit. 

They receive the profit and benefits that come from the hundreds of businesses that The Kingston Clan owns. Paul Elden Kingston: The Leader; and his immediate brothers receive the bulk of the wealth that comes form these holdings. 

The majority of Numbered Men have plural wives, which mainly results in illegal incestuous relationships with their:

1st cousins, half-sisters, nieces, etc. These men are pure criminals with complete illegal actions. Sign the petition and stop THE NUMBERED MEN!

Living "Numbered Men"

Living Numbered Men          
Paul Kingston and his immediate brothers:        
Paul Elden Kingston #9   Paul Elden Kingston's sons   John Daniel Kingston's sons
John Daniel Kingston: Goes by Daniel #15 Joshua Kingston   Daniel Jr. Kingston
Joe Kingston #14   Robert Kingston   Jacob Kingston #95
David Kingston #33   Matthew Kingston #60 (In line to be the next "Leader.")
Jesse Kingston #48          
Jason Kingston #56          
Hyrum Kingston #25   Jesse Kingston's sons   Allen Jenkin's sons 
    Elden Kingston   Darren Jenkins
Allen Jenkins #58 (Real name: Allen Kingston. Parents: Merlyn Taylor Walton Jenkins and Charles William Kingston)          Brad Jenkins
Ellery Kingston #32         Brett Jenkins
Nick "Young" Kingston         Carson Jenkins
James "Young "Kingston #107          
Carl Kingston          
Jerry "Johnson" Kingston (#39)   Ellery Kingston's sons    Joe Kingston's sons 
Verl "Johnson" Kingston #36   Scott Kingston   Jeremy Kingston
Kent "Johnson" Kingston #26          
Bill Stoddard          
Theron Kingston   Carl Kingston's sons     
Cyril "Jackson" Kingston #73   Stephen Kingston    
Jerry Kingston   Richard Kingston    
John Brown   David E Kingston    
Dan Brown          
March Brown #62          
Robbie Brown          
Gary "Young" Kingston          
Shem Peterson          
John Gustafson          
Arlen Kingston          
Rodger Kingston          
Ralph "Anderson" Kingston          
Bryan Owen          
Joshua Kingston          
Robert Kingston          
Matthew Kingston #60 (In line to be the next "Leader.")        
Daniel Jr. Kingston #69          
Jacob Kingston #95          
Elden Kingston #137          
Darren Jenkins          
Brad Jenkins          
Brett Jenkins          
Carson Jenkins          
Stephen Kingston          
Richard Kingston          
David E Kingston          
Scott Kingston          
Jeremy Kingston #68          
Lynn Kingston #100          
Carol Stoddard          
Rodney "Anderson" Kingston          
Ken Brown #65          
Ethan Tucker (#114)          

Address of "The Order" aka The Kingston Clan Compound